Ignition key New Jersey

Your vehicle takes you to work, ferries your children to school and even puts food on the table since you use it to go grocery shopping. Considering how critical this machine is, a lost ignition key would really mean that a lot of things can go wrong. But this doesn’t have to happen. We can quickly assist in making you another one.

Ignition key removed when broken; new ones made

car door unlocking

Do you need broken key in ignition cylinder lock repair? If you have this problem, your vehicle is not going anywhere fast. But don’t worry, though, we can safely remove the damaged one and make another one for you. Are you satisfied with how your vehicle starts in the morning? You may need this part of your vehicle serviced.

In case you need car ignition key replacement, we have some in stock that will service every model of car. It does not matter if you drive an imported auto or one made in the good old USA. We work on American, Japanese and European. You shouldn’t have to go looking for a mechanic when you have ignition problems. Just call our roadside assistance to help you.

Vehicle ignition repaired

If you have a key stuck in ignition and are trying to yank it out go easy on it so that you don’t damage your auto starting mechanism. It is recommended and highly encouraged that you call an expert auto ignition repair technician to handle this problem.

You will like the speed with which we report for duty. Better yet, you will appreciate that our keys will last a very long time even if they are thrown around, stepped on or overused. We stand on our quality, which is high.